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Albasoft CMS grant you a range of basic modules and effects. If you find any limit contact us to do it for you. You can use parameters to save time. You can add to your website CSS, HTML and JS code. If you want to add complex effects, you can always create them yourself, also add JS libraries by adding them to section of your website and then use them in HTML elements.
Main difference is that Albasoft CMS doesn’t need any installation, coding or server configuration. Also, Albasoft CMS is a website builder, which leaves you full freedom of design. You don’t have to use any layouts or follow any rules. In Albasoft CMS you can create any design. Every website created with Albasoft CMS has got build in CMS. Thanks to this CMS you can enable your customers to change contents of websites, you have created for them. And finally, using Albasoft CMS you pay only when you publish a website. Main difference is that CMS of websites created with Albasoft CMS is front-end, so, when you log in to your account, you can still edit, add or remove options of your websites added on. If you change anything, you immediately see results of the change you have just made on specific site.
No. Albasoft CMS let you to build a website even you do not have a domain. When you are ready to publish your site, you should have your domain or, you can buy one from us. If you do have a domain, all you need to do is to change DNS of your domain to DNS1.albasoftcms.com and DNS2albasoftcms.com. If you purchase a new domain from us, no need to do anything. An email will be sent to you within 48 hours that your site and email are up.
No. You can only download your site content (articles, pictures, video), but, not site code.
Yes. Email is built into Albasoft CMS. However, you are free to use any email service you would like.
Yes. Albasoft CMS produces highly-compatible HTML based websites. Our technology makes the final website you created friendly to PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and even older browsers.
Your first draft could take as little as five minutes to create – just choose on of CMS Templates, personalize the content, plug in your company name and logo, and you’re ready to publish. At any time you can go back and edit any article and images using the Content Management System.
No. All websites created with Albasoft CMS are hosted on the most professional OVH servers, which include the highest standards of global distribution, back-ups and uptime.
Absolutely. There are no limits of sites on your account. If you made more than 50 websites contact us at support@albasoftcms.com for more info on our discounted packages.
Yes. With Albasoft CMS, you can easily edit your website whenever you want, even after you publish it. Log in to your account make the changes you want and click REPUBLISH.
Choose one of our templates or start from scratch. You can add modules, pages, users, change or replace any element very easy.
To start using Albasoft CMS all you have to do is to register. Sign up now, it's free!
No technical knowledge is required. Albasoft CMS is made for designers that work with professional graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop. Website owners can manage their site content with no previous knowledge at all. Updating sites made by our CMS is as easy as using e-mail editor. However, to create very advance websites from scratch you need to know CSS and HTML.
Albasoft CMS was developed for web designers, professional graphic designers, web design studios and agencies, as well as traditional print designers.
Yes. If you need to unpublished your website after it’s been published, log in to the site administration go to Parameters and click Unpublished. You will continue to be charged regularly as long as we are hosting your website on our servers, even if you have chosen to unpublished it temporarily.
No. Our site builder is only dependent on the version of your internet browser. The latest version of our CMS is best viewed in Google Chrome 37.x, Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x, Firefox 2.x, 3.x, and Safari 5.x.
To receive technical support, you can contact us through Live Chat or Ticket System. While we do not offer phone support at this time, we do offer Live Chat via a link on bottom of all pages on www.albasoftcms.com.
Yes. You can completely rebrand the Albasoft CMS, adding your logo to your clients’ sites and put your brand identity.
Yes. You can assign any permission. Also, if you want, even your site clients can determine who can change and update the content of their website.
Yes. All web sites you made and published are on your account. You can edit, unpublished, block or delete any of it. Our CMS control panel provides you with an easy and professional way to manage all your clients' websites. If your clients don’t pay on time, you can block or unblock any website on your account by one click.
Yes. All design elements are fully modifiable.
Yes. You can choose from our free collection of fully modifiable idea sites or ready-made layouts if you want to save time.
Yes, you can start designing your site from scratch. There are no technical limitations; any web design can be brought to life with Albasoft CMS.
Yes. Any website build with Albasoft CMS is SEO friendly and allows you to promote your website easily. However this is a process that may take a couple of weeks, depending on Google's indexing Make sure to use words that appear in the text in the body of your site, in order to get better search results on Google search. The keywords are the words you want to lead to your site when visitors search it on Google. The brand or domain name should appear both in the title and the keywords. The more links from other sites leading to your site, the better the SEO results. It is also recommended to have as many links leading to your domain as possible, including from your social networks pages and accounts. Our internal SEO system is quite superior and sites built on Albasoft CMS are usually first in searches. However, in events where the keywords are very competitive, external SEO work may be suggested. If you want us to suggest you external SEO, you can contact us at support@albasoftcms.com.
You can register and create as many websites as you wish for free. You only pay when you want as a final point to publish it.
When you're ready, you can get your site out on the internet by Publishing it. You can do this at any time, and you can always add more content to the site later and republish it again. To publish a site, click the Publish button in the right corner of the table of sites.
Of course! Albasoft CMS exists to let you make a website you're proud of. If there is a feature you would like to be added to Albasoft CMS, just let us know.
After you click Publish, your websites are automatically hosted on our advanced cloud hosting platform of our partner – OVH. This infrastructure ensures that your website will enjoy high-performance delivery, security, reliability, and stability for both you and your clients.
No. Cloud Hosting is included and if you have sufficient credits, you just press Publish and your website is live right away.
It is an advanced website builder which is designed to be user-friendly for webmaster and end-user. Albasoft CMS can help you build greater websites, whenever you like.
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It is built from the ground up with advanced modules to make it faster and easier for people to build and update websites. Albasoft CMS can help you build advance websites, every time....