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About us
About us
Albasoft CMS is a product of Albasoft Group, the leading provider of cloud-based business management software. Founded in 2003, Albasoft Group is headquartered in Kosovo with more than 25 employees in offices in Kosovo and Albania. Albasoft's CMS platform offers world-class website management and tools to thousands of businesses and organizations around the world.

Albasoft offers a range of technologies and enables the customer to gain real value, with full life cycle supports for applications, including assessments, implementations, optimization improvements, maintenance and hosting.

As the web continues to grow and change we continue to integrate best practices and new features that allow non-technical people to express their creativity.

Albasoft CMS makes it simple for everyone to go online with a professional and functional web presence.

Albasoft has a long experience solving problems as a leading provider of web-based software and cloud-based content management.

Our goal is to always architect a solution that addresses the needs at hand, while simplifying the process of managing online content.

We are a dedicated and passionate team that works hard to find ways to create the best experience for our customers and partners.

Albasoft CMS is a professional platform that enables web agencies, graphic designers, freelancers and students to create and manage brilliant websites, without writing code. With this platform, designers can bring any design to life, and with a click of a button, publish a professional website with a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner.

We didn’t like old process that depended on developers to manually convert graphic design into handwritten code. This process was slow and expensive. We worked to eliminate all technical barriers to offer you creation of brilliant websites.

It took our team several years to develop this technological innovation. Now, we want to share the platform with the design community and help you create state-of-the-art business websites.

Every feature in this platform was developed with sites owners needs in mind, so, your customers will be happy.

Albasoft CMS was designed to make things easier for site owners managing their business through their website.

Albasoft CMS software is a new way to create your website, all in one simple and clear process.

Albasoft CMS is all about making website development process a simple and pleasant experience, available for everyone.

Once you finished creating your website, you can connect it to your domain and publish it. It’s a very easy process and at the end you’ll have a professional and friendly website for your customers (site owners).
Albasoft CMS is a professional web platform which enables you to create websites with built in frontend CMS. To create such website you don’t have install anything, or write any code at all and you don’t have to configure servers or hosting either.
Thanks to Albasoft CMS you can create advanced websites for your customers and make money for yourself. Albasoft CMS also helps you manage all your websites in one place
Albasoft CMS was built for custom design. If you know HTML and CSS, you can do it yourself, or if you need help, one of the experienced designers in the Albasoft CMS Network can support you. It is perfect for any professional or company that develops and manages websites for their clients.