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Albasoft CMS is a professional web platform which enables you to create websites with built in frontend CMS. To create such website you don’t have to install anything, or write any code at all and you don’t have to configure servers or hosting either. Thanks to Albasoft CMS you can create advance websites for your customers and make money for yourself. Albasoft CMS also helps you manage all your websites in one place.
To use Albasoft CMS you don’t have to sign any agreements. You can just create websites or not – it’s up to you. If you wish to read more click to Terms of Use at bottom of site.
Yes. We offer support through Live Chat or email support. We also offer email support, accessible through the Contact Form. Click on "Support" tab on the right side of the Albasoft CMS site.
The sites you build with Albasoft CMS, even if they have not been published, will remain in your account until you delete them. You can return your account to build or publish your sites whenever you want. If you forgot your username / password, it can be easily retrieved. If you wish to delete a site, you can do so by login to your account, selecting the site and press Delete button.
Our CMS enables you to provide your clients with a fully self-branded editing environment. With Albasoft CMS, you can offer your clients a one-stop-shop of websites, hosting, emails, and domains – all in one place.
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As many as you like.
For the reason that it takes a lot of time to install, configure, and maintain a content management system and hosting for each site you design. Albasoft CMS lets you manage all your sites from one location. You never have to install anything, while we handle all that for you. You never have to execute updates. You never need to remember difficult FTP passwords.
Albasoft CMS was created mainly for professional web designers and graphics, who wish to create websites commercially for customers. As a result, it is perfect for any professional or company that develops and manages websites for their clients (web agencies, web designers, also freelancers).
Yes, Albasoft CMS supports any language you would like to have on your site. You can add as many languages as you would like, also Albasoft CMS supports right to left languages. If you are looking to build a multi-language site, Albasoft CMS is perfect for that. You can build a website in any language.
Of course! Use your own domain or point several domains to your Albasoft CMS website. You can connect any domain to your site (.com, .net, .us, .info, .fr, .co.uk, .com, .au etc.).
Cloud based. No installation. No coding. We provide a platform for creating professional websites for your customers. Using CMS templates, in just a few minutes you can create a website for your clients and take it live.
Absolutely! Albasoft CMS was built for custom design. If you know HTML and CSS, you can do it yourself, or if you need help, one of the experienced designers in the Albasoft CMS Network can support you.
Yes. You or your client can change and update any part of website created by you, any time you want, without help.
Albasoft CMS is a website builder and hosting service that offers everything a serious business or company needs to stand out online. Albasoft CMS is a great system to create professional websites quickly. Take a look at our benefits or features for more information.
Albasoft CMS’s affiliate plan offers you a great chance to promote Albasoft CMS and refer customers to Albasoft CMS. For every qualifying sale, you will earn a profit, with no limitation on the total you can earn. For further information, please contact support@albasoftcms.com
Yes. The only limits we have are on hosting plan.
No, there are no limits, you can create websites as complex as you want and with as many pages as you’d like, with as many modules as you’d like.
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade hosting of any sites on your account, at any time. Changes will apply immediately. You will be billed at the new rate at the end of the current billing cycle. If you downgrade, we do not do refunds as well as we don’t prorate for partial months.
Using the Albasoft CMS simplifies process of building web sites. With the Albasoft CMS, getting online for your clients has never been easier. It comes with everything you need and it's easy to use. You can make unlimited sites with unlimited pages and unlimited categories and sub-categories. The Albasoft CMS also allows you to assign privileges to maintain security. No boring servers or database configuration
Please contact us If you’d like to translate the Albasoft CMS into your own language or submit improvements for an existing translation.
It is an advanced website builder which is designed to be user-friendly for webmaster and end-user. Albasoft CMS can help you build greater websites, whenever you like.
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It is built from the ground up with advanced modules to make it faster and easier for people to build and update websites. Albasoft CMS can help you build advance websites, every time....